Freefly VR is a trademark from Proteus VR Labs.

We make exceptional cross platform virtual reality devices.

Freefly VR is a trademark from Proteus VR Labs, a company founded in 2013, dedicated to designing immersive, highly engaging virtual reality products that go beyond gimmicks and fit within existing user behaviours.

Our first product, the Freefly VR, offers people a new, more personalised exciting way to access the type of content they already enjoy in a simple accessible way.

Launched with Icelandic pop singer Bjork, the headset now retails in stores all over the world, and was recently found to be the best VR headset for gaming by Lux Research..

Through our Labs programme, we are also able to commercialise cutting edge VR and AR technologies and will be extending our product range throughout 2017 both on our website and in retail.