Freefly VR offers the opportunity for a brand or vertical sector to offer high quality immersive virtual reality hardware to a growing audience who already own smartphones.

The Freefly VR and packaging can be entirely rebranded with company colours, including logo, and the team will work with you to ensure you receive a fantastic virtual reality device that is competitively priced with the reassurance that it adheres to all relevant safety requirements.

We offer a complete turnkey solution, working with you on the design elements, in-house rapid prototyping, manufacture and even fulfillment. We take care of the whole process!

Sectors we believe could benefit from non-tethered VR include:
* Gyms
* Healthcare (such as hospitals and dentists)
* Airlines
* Experiential marketing agencies


Companies are investing millions of pounds into story-driven virtual VR experiences and people will need a quality device to view them on.

We offer you the opportunity to distribute or retail the Freefly VR and take advantage of the expected surge in consumer interest for VR:

* Attractive wholesale/retail pricing
* Compatible with a wide range of smartphones regardless of operating system
* Well packaged and easy to store
* Long term sales as new versions are designed and brought to market
* Potential upselling of related goods
* An ideal offering in gadget stores, airport duty free shops, mobile phone retailers and TV shopping channels


Freefly has been designed by LUMA-iD, experts in Industrial Design.

Our company specializes in Product Design and 3D printing. We are a small, focused team who can work with you from paper to production. Design requires a mixture of experience, problem solving and creativity — that’s why we love it.

Check out our website to see what we do and if you have a prototype that needs building or a product that needs designing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We can redesign the Freefly for your particular requirements including…

* Rugged versions for events and onsite installations
* Vertical market versions such as healthcare and airlines.
* etc

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