Proteus VR Labs LTD

Studio 5, Unit 13, Elizabeth Tower
Juno Way, SE14 5RW, London
United Kingdom

Registered Office: England & Wales,
Company No: 08740342

Proteus VR Labs LLC

5979 NW 151 Street
Suite 109
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
United States

Tax Id: 38-3990417
Phone: (+1) 786 220 3323

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Freefly VR is a trademark from Proteus VR Labs, a company dedicated to offering powerful, highly engaging virtual reality products that go beyond gimmicks and fit within existing user behaviours.

Outside the geeky world of VR, billions of people enjoy reading books, going to the cinema, playing computer games, watching TV and surfing the Internet. The Freefly VR offers people a new, more personalised exciting way to access the type of content they already enjoy in a simple accessible way.