DEVELOP3D magazine and the Freefly VR

develop 3d magazine

DEVELOP3D magazine featured us in the edition of June. We know, we should post this faster but anyway, so here goes because you can download this edition for free.

DEVELOP3D says: This month we tell the story of a company that’s transforming smartphones into VR headsets; give you everything you need to know about visualisation in our huge special guide; bring you the latest on 3D printing from the US event AMUG, plus all the usual news, reviews and jobs.

The story of how the Freefly virtual reality headset was developed 
is a lesson in perseverance. We talk to its designers about the challenges, setbacks and technology market changes that impacted its journey from a sketch to a manufactured product

The June edition of DEVELOP3D is now available for free download, you just need to register.

vr is super fly


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