The Cave

The Cave is a fantasy virtual reality theatre environment powered by the GoShow platform.

In it, people can access a range of 3D, 360 and 2D moving content with exciting new functionality such as sharing clips, posting to social media and watching their own media.

The interface is beautifully slick and was created out of the frustration on using similar apps so it has been designed from the ground up to ensure the experience is even more simple than watching a movie on Netflix.

The Cave will launch with high-quality 3D and 360 content and as a distributor or content rights holder, we invite you to submit your content on a non-exclusive basis to either promote paid for content or make a return on revenue through advertising content. The Cave is a premium app but will be made exclusively free for all purchasers of the Freefly VR. New content will be promoted on the FreeflyVR Adventures page and will be marketed through the blog and external PR. FreeflyVR will later support paid for content.

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