Turbo Status

Freefly VR has joined forces with Android benchmarking company Gamebench, to offer developers an easy way to test their VR experiences on a wide range of devices to ensure their final file adheres to set quality standards.

Just because mobile phones do not possess the raw horsepower of superfast graphics cards found in PCs, we do not believe mobile powered VR has to be compromised, rather efficiently programmed within the constraints of the technology.

The likes of Qualcomm are working on ever more advanced chipsets, but graphical power is just one element to creating compelling mobile VR content. Other factors such as low persistent 60 hertz displays, lack of positional tracking, in-game navigation are challenges that need to be addressed whereas the social connectivity, lightweight and increasing screen resolutions are opportunities that should be exploited.

Gold label

FreeflyVR and GameBench have devised a minimum spec to ensure a consumer can enjoy a pleasurable experience with no motion sickness and a sense of presence.

These are (and not restricted to) minimum average frame rate, latency rate, screen refresh rates and MEMS chip profiles. More subjective criteria are analysed too such as ease of navigation, originality of concept and longevity.


Applying to the free GameBench programme allow you to benchmark where slow down occurs so you can save time and money in your pipeline. Once the minimum spec has been reached, your experience will be rewarded the gold label, so consumers can be confident of a fluid, low latency intelligent experience for their particular handset. To apply your mobile VR experience to the benchmark process click here and select FreeflyVR Turbo as the contact heading.

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