How to make your own virtual reality apps with ENTiTi

To a non-developer, the proposition of building your own Freefly VR content may sound daunting, but thanks to Start-Up company Waking App, you don’t need to be an experienced programmer to make your own virtual reality worlds.

You can design your virtual reality worlds in their ENTiTi desktop client and view them in your Freefly VR via the ENTiTi app. You can even publish your content for others to experience.

The first thing you need to do is download the ENTiTi Creator for either your MAC or PC.
Once you have created an account, you login and select Virtual Reality (as the ENTiTi Creator also allows people to produce augmented reality content).

To speed you up whilst you get started, there are a growing range of templates you can chose from, such as Gallery or Virtual Store.

Once you name and create your project, you are all set to start making your own amazing games, presentations and simulations.

There is a learning curve involved, but once you get started, and start to view and interact with your virtual reality creations in your Freefly VR, it soon becomes addictive.

To view your creations, you need to download the supporting ENTiTi Creator app. Once you login, what you created on the desktop app will appear under the My ENTiTiES tab.

You can also experience the full catalog of experiences made by others under the Full Catalog tab.

Good luck! We would love to see what you create. Please let us know once you have uploaded your experience and we may feature it here!