1 - Press the START button until the blue light flashes.
2 - Activate BLUETOOTH on your phone and make your device available to non-paired devices.
3 - Select SCAN for devices. Your Glide may appear as KEYBOARD but when you hit PAIR the name should change to FREEFLY GLIDE.
4 - Your phone is now ready to connect to Glide enabled games of which you can find plenty in our free GLIDE app.
5 - If asked to switch between LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT mode, use the switch on the side of your Glide to change modes. KEY represents PORTRAIT mode and GAME represents LANDSCAPE mode.
6 - If your Glide runs out of power, you can charge it via a regular USB port on your laptop. Please do not charge via a mobile/cell phone charger.
7 - If your Glide does not switch on even if it is fully charged, you can simply reset it with a pin via the RESET button on the back.

If your Glide is not connecting even if it is paired correctly follow these steps.

1 - Go to App Manager and scroll to General.
2 - Select Bluetooth and Clear Cache and Clear Data.
3 - Restart your device and your Glide should be able to reconnect again.