You don't need an expensive 360 camera to make awesome 360 shots

Download the Cardboard Camera from the Google Play store.

To take your first 360 shot, press the orange camera icon on the bottom right.

Keeping your phone in portrait mode, slowly turn the phone 360 degrees until the orange arrow has reached the full length of its path.

Be careful what you say, as it records the audio at the same time.

Once complete, press the tick and Google will process the shot, stiching the images into a sphere.

Once complete, you can view your photosphere in your Freefly. Press the image and select the VR goggle icon at the bottom before placing in your Freefly. You can then look around the scene as if you were there.

You can share your wrap-around creation with others who also have the Google Cardboard Camera.

How to share Google Cardboard Camera 360 photos

You can share your Cardboard Camera 360 photos if you know how. Unfortunately, you can't share a VR version of your photosphere with another person within the app, but they can view your photosphere, using their fingers.

To share a non-VR mode Google Camera 360 image via WhatsApp, open up the Cardboard Camera app and select the image you wish to share from the gallery.

Open up the settings (via the three dots on the top right) and select Open in Gallery.

Then select the Share icon and WhatsApp, as if sending a regular image.

Once your friend has received the image on WhatsApp, they need to open up the WhatsApp gallery and select the three dots on the top right to bring up the Settings. Next they need to select Move to Album and move to the Pictures album.

When they press the Widescreen icon, they will be able to manipulate the image with their fingers.

To share a Freefly VR mode compatible Google Cardboard Camera 360 image with a friend, you will need to use a third party website called Spherecast.

Open the website on your mobile phone and select Choose File. Select the 360 Cardboard Camera image you want to send and Upload.

After a few seconds, you will see your image as a 360 file which can be split into VR mode by pressing the Viewer icon. To share this image, you simply press the Share Icon. You will be presented with a unique URL. Copy and paste that URL and WhatsApp it to your friend. Once they receive it, they can click on the link and view your 360 images in VR mode on their phone, or move around the image using their mouse on their computer.

Inform them that the image needs to be switched to Full screen via the expander icon on the bottom right and the phone needs to be rotated to Landscape mode.

Unfortunately, the quality is not as good as when viewing it natively in the Google Cardboard camera app. It will no longer be stereoscopic, and your friend will see a black bar at the top and bottom of the image. However, this temporary until Google add the share function to their Google Cardboard app.

To see the 360 image taken in the above video click here.