360 filming at Last Days of Shoreditch

Last fortnight the Freefly VR team went out socialising in the real world again. We like to get out and about sometimes. This time we found ourselves and our 360 degree camera at Last Days of Shoreditch, hosted that night by Ran$om Note and Spun Out Agency. So we took a video. Here we have the inimitable Andrew Weatherall spinning some freaky disco grooves while the crowd goes a bit mad. Bonus points if you think you can spot us, the Freefly VR team having a dance!

For best results watch with the Freefly VR headset and your favourite headphones.

About What We Do

At Freefly VR we are branching out into 360 filming and photography. It has been a load of fun so far and we are loving capturing music events which can be viewed on a virtual reality headset, like our own – the Freefly VR. The videos give the viewer the feeling of being immersed or present at the event. Alternatively, it can be viewed on screen, where the viewer can scroll around the scene to see behind and all around themselves.

Check out the video we made at Farr Festival!

Coming soon to a party near you…


The Ran$om Note
Spun Out Agency

Last Days of Shoreditch









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