Freefly VR at Legends of Gaming Live 2016

Legends of GamingnorHello all! As you may have noticed from our Twitter and Facebook feeds, the team found ourselves at the mega exciting Legends of Gaming Live event last weekend. This was a really great opportunity to meet a lot of future fans face to face, and to talk through our product with all kinds of members of the public.

Legends of Gaming Live 2016 brought together YouTube gaming stars who had spent the last 12 months battling each other on the Legends of Gaming channel, for the ultimate showdown at Alexandra Palace. The venue, in North London, saw not only a live championship from stars including AJ3, iLukas and LDshadowLady, but also an enormous market place of gamer goodies.

Our humble little stall was set up next to the Egmont stall – publishers of Minecraft books and Stampy Cat’s book. And across the way from a bespoke arcade machine stall. Within spitting distance was a party gaming bus, an indie games demo station and a Beast Quest stall. It was an 8 year old’s paradise! And the parents were having a great time too.

Our team showed kids how to use our device, some of them experiencing virtual reality for the first time. It wasn’t just kids either, everyone wanted a go on the Freefly VR! At times we were positively overrun.


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It was great to hear some immediate feedback. Most of it was so positive, which was great. Most parents were amazed at the simplicity – you just need a phone, and some apps, and away you go.¬†Many a headset was surreptitiously bought behind their children’s backs – Christmas and birthday presents! Kids were just excited at the prospect of zooming round roller coasters and playing Minecraft VR.

There were a few breaks from the chaos. When the stars were on stage, being interviewed or playing games, we had some scant opportunities for downtime and to have a go playing on our own devices!

And also checking out what else was on offer…

As you can see, much fun was to be had.

For anyone who came along to see us at Legends of Gaming, we really appreciate the interest you all expressed and it was a pleasure seeing the wonder our Freefly VR produced amongst new users. We had a fantastic time, even if it was frantic. We really look forward to seeing you all again some day soon!



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