Terms and Conditions

Legends of Gaming Hardcode VR Freefly Contest

The contest will be conducted during Legends of Gaming Live on September 10th.

Contestants will play a part of the family friendly virtual reality game Hardcode VR where they will aim to shoot as many threats before their 3 lives have expired. The highest score possible is 100.

The contestants will wear a Freefly VR headset during the play of the game, and their game play will be wirelessly transmitted to a large screen, so Freefly staff can monitor the scores.

A member of Freefly staff will be near the contestant at all times to ensure they don't walk into obstacles and remain in a safe area dedicated to game play.

Throughout the day, the scores will be added to a chart which will be publically displayed.

Phone numbers will be taken from each contestant so Freefly staff can call them back if their score is one of the top two highest. Those phone numbers will be deleted from the Freefly records as soon as the contest is over.

Each contestant will be given the option to provide their email address should they wish photos or videos be taken of their game play provided for them to post on social media with the Freefly, Hardcode and Legends of Gaming hashtags superimposed over the images. Those emails will not be used for marketing purposes.

The multi-player challenge will be conducted at a time TBC. The event will be streamed live to the Facebook Freefly VR channel if written consent from the contestants is provided.

This challenge will be between both contestants and whoever is the winner will be awarded a Sony Xperia Z5 phone and a Freefly VR headset. The runner up will receive a Freefly VR headset.

If any of the contestants previously purchased a Freefly VR headset, they will be refunded the cost of the Freefly after the multi-player challenge.

Written consent will be requested for publicity photos to be used exclusively by Legends of Gaming.

The Freefly VR prizes will carry the same support as a paying customer would receive.

The support for the SIM free Sony Experia Z5 phone donated by Sony will not be the responsibility of Freefly VR.

If more than one contestant gets the same score (for example, if 4 people got a score of 50), the two chosen to play the final multi-player game will be those who got their score in the shortest game play time.