Making friends and dating in Virtual Reality

romance in virtual reality

Since we promote virtual reality, we thought this might be a good time to see what the market offers for the upcoming Valentine’s day. Maybe you and your loved one live thousands of miles apart and connecting through VR might add some new experience. Maybe staring at that flat screen gets boring.
We have to admit that we immersed ourselves in very young niche market but we can assure you many more will rise soon. Most platforms support Head Tracking, Leap Motion/Kinect Support, Explore multiple worlds, are built in Unity, some offer custom worlds and most do custom avatars and almost everybody host meet-ups.
Another reason these platforms seem young is due to the absence of women. Do not be mistaken, they are there but you will have to look hard. For those unlucky few that have to celebrate Valentine alone, we have to disappoint you but there is always VR-porn when it is really necessary. You can probably look this up for yourself but being who we are, we just send you on your way if you click here 🙂

Here are some solutions – read, platforms to get connected in VR.



According to Convrge, the platform is a space to hangout with friends, the graphics are not really what you would expect if you compare it to a killer online game, but this platform – and especially social interaction in VR – is still very young. First times can be awkward and social anxiety is alive and well in virtual reality.

Just try it and see what it is, it might be the future for you.



As the name tells us, it is a chat platform for chatting. As a beginner it might scare you off a little bit because on the download page you will see requirements for the Oculus and Unity SDK. Do you know what to choose?

VR Chat has the ability to allow you to chat to users from all around the world, but feel like they are in the room with you.  If you’re looking for a simple and intuitive virtual chat space with great voice audio then VR Chat is the place to be.

You can create your own avatar, select a room to go to or just create one for you and your friends.



An immersive, collaborative, multi-dimensional internet They support OculusVR Rift DK2 and Leap Motion, driven by gamepads, mouse, keyboard, touch or natural 3D gestures.

They say: “janusVR is a VR experience, created and explored by the collective imagination of our growing global sentience. In janusVR today, we transcend geographical boundaries to convene and interact in connected, multi-dimensional spaces.
…socializing, shopping, conducting meetings, attending music, movies and gaming events, or collaboratively wandering each other’s decentralized utopian spaces, exploring and inspiring creativity in each other.”

JanusVR represents webpages as rooms and links connect rooms via doorways. Pictures embedded in the webpages hang on the room’s walls. The environment is dynamically generated, using a portal-based system. As a user of JanusVR the internet is experienced by simply walking between rooms and interacting with the internet in a purely visual and far more interactive manner.




The slogan: Be together, in person – Experience the web, from anywhere, with anyone, through virtual reality.

Hang out with real people in virtual reality. Watch a movie marathon, laugh at improv comedians, practice your Spanish, play Dungeons and Dragons, attend a lecture, or join our newest trivia game, Sketchy Quiz. They keep their events page stacked with upcoming social AltspaceVR gatherings, where you can schedule an event of your own or register to attend one with others on the platform.


Oculus Social

Oculus rift social

Needless to say, the best experience is with an Oculus Rift.The platform allows you to create avatars from a small selection and only allowing interaction with other people in a single application. Maybe in time, the general idea will be integrated it into Facebook. Being with other people sounds great and we will definitely see more of this.


As we stated above, the market is young but new and exciting things will be developed.

Last but not least, “the digital love industry”: a billion dollar market who embraced virtual reality already. There is less time to spend with one another and these virtual opportunities are anonymous – you can be and do whatever you like.

Remember, to view this video you must be 18+. The following content is NSFW (not suitable for work). We do not promote the subject, but are discussing the possibilities in VR.

There are already some players offering intimate VR experiences:

According to a well-known website, there are currently 13 different studios actively developing adult VR content with roughly 160 scenes available on the marketplace. What started off as simple, short videos have now become longer movies that are regularly 30+ minutes in length with better plots and more interactivity. Studios have not only focused on the technology, but they are also working hard to make the overall experience immersive and consuming.

It all seems that again everything is for males, but that is not entirely true. The VRstroker targets both men and women in their VR place.

The demand is there so someone will make it.

This link will provide much more info on this subject.

Anyway, you can do a lot with your FreeflyVR headset I would say 🙂

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