the cave


– Watch 2D and 3D content
– Switch to 360 mode for wrap around immersive experiences
– Change the screen size
– Choose where you want to sit
– Watch your own mobile movies on a big screen
– Stunning fantasy environment
– Powered by GoShow

Monthly Top Picks

Every month the Cave features a newly updated playlist for you to enjoy. The titles will be automatically updated, saving you trawling YouTube for the best 2D, 3D and 360 content.

Of course, you can still watch your own playlist, by selecting ‘Watch Later’ under a clip you want to watch in the Cave, either via your mobile or PC.


Departure first episode (2D)

Where the hit ASMR journey all begins

Intimidator 305 (2D)

Choose the front seat for a thrilling POV of this insane coaster without the grey outs!

Dancetrippin.TV@ Loveland (2D)

Join DJ Solomun and his loved up followers in this house music dance fest

Scary extreme pop-out (3D)

Gimmicky – yes, but undeniably fun stick pointing from Mr 3D himself

Fractal Cathedral (2D 360)

Fly over an amazing CG landscape in this bizarre immersive intro to 360 video

Chappie Trailer (3D)

Weaver back in sci-fi form, Chappie has mixed reviews, so hear is the trailer to make you wanna see it.

How to enjoy the Cave

The Cave supports the streaming of YouTube content. You just need to be signed into your YouTube account, before running the app.

You add YouTube content by selecting ‘Add to Watch Later’ under the clip you wish to view in the Cave, either on a PC or mobile as long as you are logged in. When you select the YouTube mode within the Cave Main Menu, your Watch Later playlist will populate the content list after a few seconds.

In the Main Menu, you will be required to select one of the alignment logos which looks like two eyes in a red box. Once the 3 second countdown begins, face the direction you are comfortable with before the time runs out.

If you need to align yourself within the cinema area, the alignment logo is available on the Player Control Menu which can be activated and deactivated when looking at the Freefly VR logo.

Aside from watching YouTube videos, you can also watch your locally stored mobile videos on a giant screen.

Those WhatsApp videos suddenly become a whole lot more interesting! To do this, simply select ‘Device’ next to the YouTube icon in the Main Menu and look at the Down and Up arrows to scroll through.

Within the Cave, there are several options to make your experience more enjoyable, as well as traditional DVD controls that allow you to fast forward, rewind and pause. If you need to attend a matter back in reality, the content will automatically pause when you take the Freefly VR off and place the facia faced down, ready to resume when you are. To bring up the control menu back up, look at the Freefly VR logo for several seconds.

The Cave does not convert content to different formats. For example, if you wish to watch 360 content streamed from YouTube, you will need to select the 360 option before entering the Cave when prompted. 3D content is supported by the side-by-side format. For 3D and 360 content, search ‘side-by-side 3D’ and ‘360 video’ or ‘spherical video’ in YouTube. Soon, YouTube will be fully supporting 360 content with a drop down menu.

The monthly Top Picks playlist will classify each clip with a 2D, 3D, 2D 360 or 3D 360 symbol so you know which version to select.

The Cave is also a fully fledged 360 degree video player. Loading the Cave with spherical video, either locally or streamed from YouTube, will allow you to look around the scene as it happens. You still have access to the player controls.

As always, to hide the control menu, or to bring them back, look at the Freefly VR logo floating above your head… Keeping looking, there you found it!

You can change the screen size, where you are seated in the Cave as well as easily access your ‘Watch Later’ list by selecting ‘Foyer’ on the Control Menu in the cinema area. To change the screen size, select the screen icon, and look at one of the four size options. Once you are happy with your screen size, you just need to look away.

The same process applies for selecting a seat. Bring up the seating plan by selecting the chair symbol. Once you are happy with your position, look away and close the Foyer menu via the X symbol.

Please note the Cave will only work on Android phones, with an operating system of Android 2.2 and above.

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