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Tips and Tricks Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions


1Why is the distance between the lenses (IPD) fixed?
The reason is that we have wide diameter lenses that greatly improve the feeling of immersivity (as you’re not feeling like you’re looking through 2 holes in a box as with many other VR headsets). These wide lenses have a second advantage that they create an optically flexible IPD, therefore, even if the IPD is a few millimeters wider or narrower, the lenses still remain in focus. Read more about it [here]
2Will my phone fit?
For your phone to be compatible, you need a internal gyroscope, and your phone needs to be a minimum of 4.7 inches, and a maximum of 6.1 inches. We have a list of compatible phones right here on the website to double check.
3Is the Freefly VR safe to use?
The Freefly VR is safe to use and has passed all regulations required for this type of device. However, as most of your vision is obscured from the outside world during use, we recommend that the user remains seated at all times whilst wearing it. Users should take a break from viewing mobile VR content every 10 minutes and people who suffer photoepilepsy should avoid using the Freefly VR at all. You will be required to read and agree to the safety guidelines before purchasing.
4Will I be able to use the Freefly VR with glasses?
Unfortunately the Freefly VR is not compatible with the wearing of glasses.
5Are you looking for Wholesalers?
Please see our corporate page here for more information.
6If I don’t like it, can I get my money back?
Distant selling regulations entitled you to return the product within 14 days of purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return it to us after contacting us at Shipping costs are your responsibility. We are sorry if you have had issues with the Freefly. We encourage you to always email, call, or chat with us to resolve these issues before returning the product. We want our customers to enjoy their headset to the fullest. Contact us on
7Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes, we ship worldwide
8Is the Freefly VR compatible with existing VR content available on the Google Play store?
Yes! We are not interested in locking down content to the Freefly VR. The Freefly VR uses anamorphic lenses to enhance the field of view so Freefly VR supported content is designed to work with our particular lenses. Content designed or Google Cardboard is also Freefly VR compatible once the QR code on the Content Page is scanned.
9If the Freefly VR uses fixed lenses – how will I know it will be suitable for my eyesight?
In order to guarantee a consistent experience, we chose fixed lenses. If one lens is a slightly different distance from the phone display the stereoscopic effect is compromised. When wearing the Freefly, your eyes are very close to the screen, so if you are long sighted, you may find the image blurry. If you are long-sighted, you probably wear contact lenses which will solve the blurring issue.
10Will I be able to use my headphones?
Yes. With multiple configurations of phones out there, we have designed an adjustable slider to allow for space where the headphone socket is located on your particular phone.
11I’m a developer – How can I be sure my content will work on Freefly VR ?
Please refer to our developers page for more information.
12Will I need an additional controller to navigate through VR content?
Not with Freefly VR supported content. Of course the Freefly VR is compatible with VR content that requires Bluetooth controller navigation support, but Freefly VR supported content (which will be made available for all mobile VR attachments) uses head gesture and voice control navigation so you can interact with VR content without additional hardware. Please note that content developed for Google Cardboard that utilises the magnetic ring is not compatible with Freefly VR.
13Why is my Glide controller not connecting to my iPhone?
The Glide controller and IPhone were once compatible, yes, however now due to Apple constantly updating and changing their firmware faster than most bluetooth devices can be re-developed, the Glide Controller is now exclusively for Android devices.
14Why is my Glide controller not connecting to my Android phone?
The first time you pair a Glide Controller, hold down the power button until the light flashes. When it is flashing, it is than ready to be paired. Once the glide has been paired once, you can turn it on normally, and it will connect with no further help. Here is another way you can check the connectivity of your controller if it is paired, but not connecting properly: 1. Go to App Manager and scroll to General. 2. Select Bluetooth and Clear Cache and Clear Data. 3. Restart your device and your Glide should be able to reconnect again.
15How do I use my Glide controller for the first time?
1. Press the START button until the blue light flashes. 2. Activate BLUETOOTH on your phone and make your device available to non-paired devices. 3. Select SCAN for devices. Your Glide may appear as KEYBOARD but when you hit PAIR the name should change to FREEFLY GLIDE. 4. Your phone is now ready to connect to Glide enabled games. 5. If asked to switch between LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT mode, use the switch on the side of your Glide to change modes. 6. If your Glide runs out of power, you can charge it via a regular USB port on your laptop. Please do not charge via a mobile/cell phone charger. 7. If your Glide does not switch on even if it is fully charged, you can simply reset it with a pin via the RESET button on the back of the Glide.
16How do I know my Glide is connected and functioning?
Here is an app you can download where you can test the buttons and their functions.


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