The Inaugural VRLO


London’s First Virtual Reality Meet Up

meetingFreefly VR had the pleasure to attend the first VRLO meetup at the Mind Candy HQ in Shoreditch. Featuring the top names in VR and forward-thinking VR content creation, the venue was buzzing with potential.

A quick rundown of some of the people there includes: Rewind, VR production agency; VRSE, spherical VR filmmakers; Two Big Ears, pioneers in binaural audio; Marshmallow Laser Feast, experimental filmmakers; Unit 9, digital production agency. The previous all had exciting speeches about their current projects, showcasing a great mix of potential and proficiency.

Freefly VR exhibited in our own capacity, but we were also the VR model-of-choice for most of the content developers there. It’s great to see the Freefly being used by the VR community as standard kit.

Marshmallow Laser Feast started the talks with a great walkthrough of their high-profile clients. The recent Bjork music video created some waves, and Squarepusher commissioned MLF for a similar VR music experience (if you know anything about Squarepusher you’ll know his one is not going to be relaxing on an Icelandic beach).

mind director Joe Chen was beamed in from the US to run through his company’s current spherical video project. He moved on to discuss his favourite VR film, which he described as intensely emotional, and something only possible within VR.

A representative from Unit 9 was more pragmatic in his presentation, but addressed incredibly relevant matters within a VR production agency. Large corporate marketing events are their bread and butter as there’s clearly a lot of money in them, but he pointed out it’s the consumer – and often free – side of things that actually pushes things along. While they had a safe project with a large beer brand, they worked on their own version of Pong for VR (named Head Batt because Pong was taken) which was simple and free, but utilised online gameplay for smartphone VR. While this isn’t available yet, there’s a great game we like at Freefly HQ called Bombsquad VR; check it out.

Two Big Ears presented their ground-breaking work for the Bjork Stonemilker video on the Freefly, while Rewind displayed their Red Bull Air Race 2015 Simulator on the Oculus due to its positional tracking. Between high-end VR gaming on the Oculus and mobile VR on your smartphone is Trinus, who showed off their amazing low-latency PC-to-phone screen software. Shown above, you can see people playing GTA or Skyrim using the Freefly as a VR viewer, negating the need for the Oculus. The software is still under development but it’s safe to say it was a hit at VRLO!

vr meeting

Lastly, the Sphericam was such an exciting highlight: 4k, 360, 60FPS video in a camera the size of a tennis ball; amazing! This is going to be a great bit of kit when it’s released, watch this space! Thanks again to Rewind for organising a great event, it was lovely to see the whole VR community working together.

sphericam v2 rewind

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