Top 5 Carboard apps according to Google Play

top 5 cardboard apps

With just a FreeflyVR and your Android mobile phone you can experience so many virtual reality apps today, see 360degrees movies, travel to secret places and imagined worlds.

Some dazzling figures: (Google official blog)

more then 5mio Cardboards are shipped

more then 25 mio installations of VR apps on Google Play

more then 350.000 hours of 360° video’s watched on youtube

more then 750.000 VR photos are taken with the Cardboard Camera

more then 500.000 students went on VR expeditions

This is merely the beginning.

We do not want to keep you waiting, so here are the top 5 VR apps on Google Play

N°1 Chair in a room:

New story added for Christmas: “Greed”, you are a corporate lawyer heading to the top, as you rise in the corporate elevator, each stop reveals a new piece of the sinister story laden with profit, denial and corruption, which could ultimately prove to be your sharp demise…

N°2 Vrse

An expanding universe of Virtual Reality experiences. Viewable with or without Cardboard. Fully immerse yourself in 3D VR or full screen 360 featured stories, with dynamically changing directional binaural sound…

N°3 Lamper VR

This classic addictive virtual reality runner game asks, “How far can you fly as a small bug in a HUGE world?”
In this VR runner game, you will fight your way to safety through a series of treacherous tunnels through the eyes of a firefly bug called Lamper…

N°4 Caaaaardboard!

Dive off of buildings in VR with Caaaaardboard!, a custom-tailored version of Aaaaa! (Works with Google Cardboard!)
Owlchemy Labs (creators of hit indie titles Snuggle Truck and Jack Lumber) brings Dejobaan Games’ award-winning PC title to Android with custom-built VR support!

N°5 Proton Pulse

3D Arcade Brick-Breaking Action from a whole new perspective!
All proceeds from this game go toward development of the next VR title “Vanguard V”. You can check out the Vanguard V demo on the Google Play Store.

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