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ozo camrea

How cool would it be to make your own (action) VR-movies and share it to the world. Today there are a few options but probably for professional users only since price tags are a bit high.

We are still waiting for an affordable 360° VR action for the masses. One thing is certain: you can watch it all with our own Freefly VR.

Here are a few players to follow:

sphericamv2Sphericam V2

This might be one of the affordable 360° action cams for VR in the near future.

With Sphericam, you push a button to record totally spherical video in high resolution 4K – the exact resolution needed for ideal performance on today’s VR headsets. It also looks amazing on a tablet or even in fullscreen on a desktop.

Other 360º cameras are full of compromises and are no fun to use. They either don’t deliver the resolution, or require lots of difficult tricks. None of them allow completely synchronized capture of every pixel in every direction.

Sphericam has been engineered from the beginning, with every factor in mind towards creating a correct, best-in-class spherical image, without any hassle, in a reliable and easy way.

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project beyondProject Beyond (Samsung)

16 + 1 Cameras

Sixteen cameras with advanced optics arranged in a unique interleaved pattern capture the world in true stereoscopic omniview 3D. Combined with the top camera, Project Beyond allows you see another reality as if you were physically there.


Experience stunning ultra-high definition 3D in every direction you look. To transport you into an immersive world, Project Beyond streams 3D images at a higher resolution than your UHD TV.

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ozo cameraNokia OZO

Presenting the groundbreaking Nokia OZO VR Camera. That’s VR as in virtual reality. That’s right—the stuff mentioned in every sci-fi movie ever. The OZO lets you record real life and experience it again later via a VR headset. It works just like a movie camera—except it captures visuals and sound in 360, capturing true presence. Trust us on this, when you see a VR film shot on the OZO, you’ll forget where you are, but feel like you’re there.

Nokia wants your help defining what’s possible in the new medium and leave any hangups to linear storytelling at the door. So tell us your Concepts for some amazing and immersive VR short films. Horror, romance, education, adventure, time capsule, combine them all…whatever! Any story that takes advantage of this new medium and shows us something we haven’t seen before.

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Jaunt NEO

Jaunt, the company pioneering cinematic virtual reality (VR), today announced the launch a series of professional-grade camera systems specifically designed for capturing fully immersive, 360-degree cinematic VR experiences codenamed “NEO.” The 5th generation of camera systems created by Jaunt, “NEO” has been designed and built from the ground up for VR, the culmination of jaunt neotwo and a half years of extensive research and development, prototyping and field testing. Elevating not only the capture and quality of VR content, “NEO’s” stunning, sleek industrial design represents the technological step forward this camera system brings to the VR landscape.

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There more candidates around with full VR cameras, just google some 😉 As for me, i am interested in the Sphericam V2, as a non professional movie-maker this looks promising and most affordable for now.

This VR-market is huge and will boom soon, more and more cameras will be available, be ready to make your own stunning VR-experience in the near future.

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